Our goal is to make children safer
in large gatherings and small venues.

We aim to make it faster and easier for parents and/or guardians to be reunited with their child when they become separated. Our system is cost effective and affordable by everyone, not to mention fast. Our vision is to have IC Protection™ in Amusement (Theme) Parks, professional / nonprofessional sporting events such as the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, soccer games, little league, football games, etc. When you take your children through the airport, hotel destination resorts, cruise lines, state fairs, zoos, museums, tradeshows, the circus, the school field trip, the first day at school or on the school bus, shopping in large retail stores, shopping in malls, and so on, we aim to be there with IC Protection™. The possibilities are almost endless...

IC Protection™ IC Pro™ Temporary Safety ID Tattoos can be customized to meet the exact needs of each customer. Not only can parents’ or guardians’ direct phone numbers be listed, but many other safety features as well.

For example, we can list your section and seat number at sporting events, we can list an airline, flight number and time of the flight, we can name a specific booth and number at a trade show. We can designate the primary language spoken by the child while visiting a place where there are several dozen nationalities present. We can list your child’s allergies or medical condition if needed. We can even add blood type, hair and eye color on the tattoo. This product is also beneficial for elderly, handicapped and special needs (Autistic) persons that might need identification.

Our patent states that the parent or guardian picking up the lost child must have the cell phone whose number is listed on the tattoo as an extra precautionary measure. A ring-back procedure can be done to assure that no one can pick up your child if he or she is too young to speak.

I now know that my family can be a whole lot safer when stepping foot out of our front door. With IC Protection™ on their arms and a little education in their heads, I can rest assured that they will be coming back through that front door safe and sound at the end of the day.

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