- We recently returned home from a trip to SeaWorld in Orlando. While my wife and I were totally at peace of mind because our two girls were wearing IC Protection™ Temporary Safety Tattoos, I came across two incidences in one day where children were lost.

I helped a mother find her lost daughter, and I found a lost boy that I took to security to help find his parents. In the boy's case, I missed the entire Shamu show while helping the boy return securely to his parents. Had these children been wearing IC Protection™, their parents could have found them in minutes, not hours. These tattoos are incredible!

- Scott M., Jupiter, FL

- My 15 month old daughter wears her IC Protection™ Temporary Safety Tattoos everywhere, from our Pool Club, my older children’s school functions, the Zoo and even Disney World. She is so independent at 1 year old that she would wander off and not look back! With IC Protection™ I feel a lot calmer that she will be safe. She also has a milk allergy that is listed right on her tattoo! I wish IC Protection™ was around 10 years ago when my older kids were little!

- Allyson S., Rockaway, NJ

- I am a photographer and travel all around the tri-state area doing photo shoots. I have two girls, ages 2 and 4, that often accompany me with their babysitter. Since we are always visiting some place new, my girls wear their IC Protection™ Safety Tattoos wherever they go, which puts me totally at ease while I’m working. Such a small cost for such a big peace of mind!! Thank you, IC Protection™!!

- Jennifer W., Tequesta, FL

- My 12 year old son is Autistic, & IC Protection Tattoos let people know right away that he has special needs. He enjoys wearing all of the different designs, & he wears them from our local park, to little league games to school outings. When I can’t be there at least IC Protection™ can!

- Monica R., Atlanta, GA

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